Panasonic CS-EU24XKF (2.0 Ton Inverter) With T3 Compressor


Better Air Quality for your Living Space




Ensuring better air quality with nanoe-G

nanoe-G effectively removes 99%* dust particles an small as PM2.5 to ensure a healthy and clean environment.
Ensuring better air quality with nanoe-G

Powerful Cooling

Panasonic has accumulated many years of air conditioner technologies aimed at providing a comfortable space and optimal room temperature for everybody, wherever they are in the room. One of these, called JETSTREAM, achieves a maximum airflow length of 25 meters. This Long Reach Airflow brings clean, comfortable air to every corner of the room.
Powerful Cooling

Large Air Intake

Large air intake draws in a large amount of air.
Large Air Intake

Large Diameter Fan

Large-diameter fan generates a stronger airflow.
Large Diameter Fan


The AEROWINGS feature combines a pair of wings to send air further.

Discover The Waste To Discover Energy Savings

When you are relaxing while watching television, the air conditioner’s operation usually runs to maintain a constant temperature setting. ECONAVI detects and reduces this waste in all the right ways. Using high technology sensors and precise control programs, it analyses room conditions and adjusts cooling and heating power accordingly. It is smart enough to locate and operate in all the right places to give you better energy savings.
Discover The Waste To Discover Energy Savings

Designed for the Middle East

Panasonic air conditioners are designed with a level of durability that delivers high performance even under the harsh environment of regions such as the Middle East. Tough specifications allow them to withstand operating temperatures up to 55ºC, and prevent the entry of sand and dust.
Designed for the Middle East

Blue Fin Condenser

The condenser fins are specially blue-coated to enhance its durability. These specially coated layers serve as protection against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive.
Blue Fin Condenser

Long Piping Length

Industry number 1
Long Piping Length

60+ years of Manufacturing Experience.

Our R&D focuses on ease of use, and our history of rigorous quality control is unmatched in the industry. As a result, with more than 60+ years of experience, Panasonic has sold over 70 million air conditioner units in Japan and around the world.
60+ years of Manufacturing Experience.


Photo of CS-V24XKF

Size and Weight


*Indoor Unit Dimensions




Powerful Cooling

Blue Fin Condenser

Cooling Capacity

  • Btu/h

    • 24000
  • kW

    • 7.03


  • Btu/hW

    • 11.94

Elecrical Data

  • Voltage

    • V
      • 220-240
  • Runnning Current

    • A
      • 9.2
  • Power Input

    • W
      • 2010

Moisture Removal(T3)

  • L/h

    • 1.5

Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi)

  • m³/min

    • 19.8

Dimensions / Indoor (Outdoor)

  • Height

    • mm
      • 302 (695)
  • Width

    • mm
      • 1120 (875)
  • Depth

    • mm
      • 241 (320)

Net Weight / Indoor (Outdoor)

  • kg

    • 13 (49)

Refrigerant Pipe Diameter

  • Liquid Side

    • mm
      • ø 6.35
    • inch
      • 1/4″
  • Gas Side

    • mm
      • ø 15.88
    • inch
      • 5/8″

Pipe Extension

  • Chargeless Pipe Length

    • m
      • 7.5
  • Pipe Length Range

    • m
      • 3-40
  • Maximum Height Difference

    • m
      • 30

Power Supply

  • Indoor

Operating Temperature Range (Ambient)

  • +16°C to 55°C


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