Orient Prism 39 HD Black Bezel Less LED TV Price in Pakistan


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The Prism 39’’ HD LED TV allows seamless and powerful audio, powered by Dolby to give you the theatrical experience of your life. The dynamic and exceptional picture quality paired with multiple connectivity options equip you with the brilliant TV experience. With durable construction and stylish design, the appliance is anyone’s wild dream.


  • HD Resolution
  • Full Color Optimizer
  • Digital TV (DTV)
  • Dolby Audio
  • USB Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Headphone Jack

Full Color Optimizer

The Full Color Optimizer reproduces colors in richness and accuracy and the
pictures you see on an Orient LED TV look almost as beautiful as the world around you in reality.

Dolby Audio

Orient LED TVs with built-in Dolby Audio fills your room and
makes sure that sound flows around you with breathtaking realism.


Supports higher video resolutions and faster refresh rates, with greater transmission speed and capacity.

Digital Television (DTV)

Orient LED TV Digital television feature allows to receive free over-the-air digital broadcasts.


You can enjoy your videos, images & music by selecting the USB option.


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