Orient Hyper 24G T3 DC Inverter 2.0 Ton AC Price in Pakistan


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Orient Inverter AC 2 Ton Hyper 24G Bright White

Orient Inverter AC 2 Ton Venus 24G Bright White has many attractive features. It comes with an eco-friendly refrigerant. It offers comfortable, environment-friendly cooling year round. It operates on low voltages, which is beneficial when using solar panels or generators. The condenser is equipped with gold fins. The unit also has an air throw range of 50 feet. This makes it perfect for rooms that have multiple levels.

Orient ACs come in different sizes, from small to large. The company offers several models with eco-friendly refrigerant and advanced features. The Venus 24G best models feature advanced cooling fins that can deal with humidity. Orient ACs reasonably priced, so they are a great option for those looking to save money on electricity. Its range of tonnages includes two- and three-ton units.

Orient Inverter ACs have many unique features. They made with an eco-friendly refrigerant, which is ideal for humid environments. The slender design allows them to handle humidity and heat. In addition, because of their low cost, they competitively priced. Despite being affordable, these units are durable and highly energy efficient. Moreover, because they can accommodate a large number of users, the Orient Inverter AC 2 Ton Venus 24G Bright White is a great choice.

Japanese PCB Kit

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC is equipped with new and improved Japanese PCB Kit for better protection from moisture for longer life and durability.

50 Feet Long 4D Air Throw

50 Feet Long 4D Air Throw of Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC spreads air evenly in every corner to ensure faster cooling and better energy saving.

Biggest Indoor Unit (1.1M)

The absolute beauty and grace of the indoor unit comes in a bigger form than ever before. 1.1M in size and several times more in function, the indoor unit is perfect for its function.

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC comes with 1.1 meter big indoor unit with bigger fan motor and better airflow which results in ultimate cooling and heating performance.

Gold Fin Anti-Rust Coating

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC comes with protective Gold Fin Anti-Rust coating that prevents from corrosion caused by moisture.


  • Beautiful White Panel
  • Inverter Technology
  • Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • R410 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • For All Weather (Heat & Cool)


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